Matt's Track of the Week: Joker's "Tron"

Song: Tron
Artist: Joker
Album: Tron (Single)
Rating: 8.0

Although as far as we can tell, this is completely unrelated to the upcoming Disney flick, looking at the single's artwork, one can assume it was at least inspired by it. Joker hasn't yet become a household name for many, but last year, he built quite a reputation for himself as a hit factory in House and Dub-Step scenes around the world. His debut album is expected sometime in the not so distant future, and if he makes anything even close to past hits like "Purple City" and "Digidesign", it won't be long before everyone his name is being thrown around with the likes of Daft Punk and Justice.

On "Tron", Joker showcases every play in his book to perfection. The synths are edgy, the mood is dark, and it has a nod-your-head hip-hop vibe that makes me almost certain that we'll be finding it on mixtapes later this year. This track is his first statement of the new year, and rightly a bold one. Check it out below.

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