Music Video Monday: She & Him's "In the Sun"

Track: In the Sun
Artist: She & Him
Album: Volume Two
Year: 2010

Without going any further, you should know that the video for She & Him's "In the Sun" is incredibly hokey. That being said, it's that hokiness which makes the duo the charming, pseudo-throwback it is. Fittingly, this visual presentation takes place in a high school, supposedly circa the 1960s. If it weren't for the countless hallway song-and-dance numbers we've been subjected to over the years, from Grease to High School Musical, perhaps this one would resonate even more. Once again though, the fact that said concept is so tired somehow makes it more interesting when used by She & Him here.

The fact that Zooey Deschanel screams 1960s wherever she goes helps matters. While most female recording artists would look slightly out of place dressed in the more conservative school dresses and other outfits of the era, Deschanel fits in perfectly. The fact that she is an actress also pays big dividends as the song-and-dance never seems oversold. Instead, her leading a group of supposed teens in song just looks right, and M. Ward's persona as the artistic loner airs out just as well. Sometimes a video and a song are just a perfect fit. Check it out for yourself below.

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