New Yeasayer, "O.N.E"

As the release date for Yeasayer's latest effort, Odd Blood, draws nearer, there will probably be news galore around the interwebs. Consider this day one. To get fans even more anxious about the release, the band has let out another single-- this time in the form of "O.N.E" One (pun intended?) of the peppier tracks on Odd Blood, it mixes goofy 1980s pop with your typical indie-electronic conventions of today. The results are infectious, even amidst the less-than-chipper message being conveyed, that of our narrator being over someone. The single is out via Secretly Canadian on March 23, but you can head over to the band's website and check it out for yourself today. Odd Blood, on the other hand, will be released February 9.

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