Matt's Track of the Week: "Make You Mine"

Song: Make You Mine
Artist: Breakbot
Album: Ed Banger Preview Promo 2010
Rating: 9.0

Ed Banger's all-star roster of DJs and computer-savvy musicians is a virtual who's who of important players in the French house music scene. Breakbot; one of the label's least acclaimed, but most promising artists is no exception.

Sounding like what would happen if Discovery-era Daft Punk and Justice had a child, Breakbot brings us the funk and technical skill that we have come to expect from Frenchmen with turntables and audio production software, while adding a little flair of his own. His most recent single, "Make You Mine", specifically stays true to this, and delivers on all fronts of catchiness, creativity, and danceability. His first official Ed Banger EP, Baby I'm Yours is officially being released on Valentine's Day. Until then, enjoy the track below.

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