Music Video Monday: RJD2's "Let There Be Horns"

Track: Let There Be Horns
Artist: RJD2
Album: The Colossus
Year: 2010

Even though it's only January, RJD2's video for new track "Let There Be Horns" will probably stand as one of my favorites of 2010. Witty, entertaining and downright ridiculous at times, the video chronicles a typical day in the life of a minotaur that lives in a human world. Of course, the mythical beast doesn't behave as he was depicted in ancient lore. Rather, he's an incredibly flawed individual, dealing with rage and relationship difficulties, while popping pills all day. His work life and home life are guided by his need for medication, and as he progressively saunters through his day, he gets himself into more slightly comical, and almost sad situations. It also doesn't hurt to have a great, dynamic backing of heavy electronic beats and instrumentation-- but regardless, this one's worth a view.

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