John's Track of the Week: Holly Miranda's "Forest Green Oh Forest Green"

Song: Forest Green Oh Forest Green
Artist: Holly Miranda
Album: The Magician's Private Library
Rating: 8.0

Simple and sweet on the surface, at first, Holly Miranda appears to be nothing more than your average female singer-songwriter. But just ten seconds into "Forest Green Oh Forest Green," that image is completely shattered, and instead replaced by the 1960s pop vibe, and trumpet in the background. As the track continues, the soloing grows to an apex, along with the song's energy as a whole. It's exciting, and all-consuming. For those who were unfamiliar with Holly Miranda to that point, the pomp and circumstance surrounding the opening track to her solo debut is everything you could ask for.

"Forest Green Oh Forest Green" ends up being one of a myriad of reasons why Miranda's album, The Magician's Private Library, is one of February's most anticipated albums. Kanye West hyped her up almost a year ago. The New York Times is doing a piece about her (according to her Twitter). And, of course, the album was also produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. Throw in contributions by Sitek, Kyp Malone and other members of TVOTR, along with members of Antibalas as well, and you know you're in for quite the sonic treat. Check it out below, and be on the lookout for Miranda's album, The Magician's Private Library, out February 23rd via XL.

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