Matt's Track of the Week: "Exhibit C"

Song: Exhibit C
Artist: Jay Electronica
Album: Exhibit C
Rating: 8.0

There are two distinct movements in hip-hop right now. On one side, we've got the guys like Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Kanye West, who have massive mainstream appeal, lots of flash and money, and no problem telling you about it. On the other, we have guys like Jay Electronica; Guys who embody the essence of hip-hop at an earlier stage in its life, and keep those roots apparent in their work.

Obviously, both have a place at the table. All the rappers mentioned above are regular topics of conversation here at Animal Noises. Today, however, I have chosen to highlight Jay Electronica because of his own unique set of skills. In "Exhibit C", Jay appeals to the listener with his soul-sampled, old-school style and personal storytelling. He has been hailed as the next Nas by many publications, and upon listening to the song, you might agree. Some have even said that he's going to save hip-hop altogether. I don't know if this is true, but he does have his own pace that makes him someone to keep an ear out for. Check it out below.

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