New Animal Collective, "Graze"

Continuing on the new material train, Animal Collective's got something brewing as well. Perhaps you've heard.

With the Fall Be Kind EP just around the corner, we finally get our first taste of the studio recording. "Graze," the initial offering, seems to be a combination of Merriweather Post Pavillion's pop insanity and the old tribal shouting we all know and love (or at least, I do, can't say the same for Matt however). I'd actually compare the track more to El Guincho than things Animal Collective has done in the past, to be honest. It's tropical, trippy and wild, not unlike AC, but very much like El Guincho's Alegranza. Check it out at Stereogum, or below. Fall Be Kind is out digitally on November 23rd and physically on December 15th, via Domino.

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