John's Track of the Week: We're All Animals"

Song: We're All Animals
Artist: Headlights
Album: Wildlife
Year: 2009

In a year full of energetic, loud and bold musical statements, it feels as if the more subdued acts are being shuffled a bit to the back of the line. It's not as if the music they're producing isn't good. It's just struggling to get a foothold amongst critics in the more sensational environment around them in 2009.

Enter Headlights. The Illinois band recently released their latest album, Wildlife, and the excitement was nowhere to be found. In the group's five years of existence, they've accomplished quite a bit, save that crucial breakthrough album. But Wildlife, with all of its reserved, yet sprightly enthusiasm, may be just that. Though not an outward statement of perfection, it is a charming, moody record with tons of repeated-play potential.

One of the album's better offerings ends up being "We're All Animals." Starting off as one of the slowest and quietest songs on Wildlife, it eventually opens up into a chant-like crescendo, as the layered vocals soar above the electronic keyboard within. Imagine Stars, minus all of the damaged egos. It's a relaxed and dreamy trip into the remnants of a relationship, not necessarily prototypical of the album, but a fair representation nonetheless. Check it out below.

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