Matt's Track of the Week: "Popular Demand (Popeye's) (Ft. Cam'Ron)"

Song: Popular Demand (Popeye's) (Ft. Cam'Ron)
Artist: Clipse
Album: 'Til the Casket Drops
Year: 2009

Clipse has been working on their comeback album, 'Til the Casket Drops for some time now, and while we wait for its release, they've been giving us a little bit here and there to hold us over. Since April, periodic lead-off singles, starting with the hard-hitting "Kinda Like A Big Deal (Ft. Kanye West)" have added to the buzz. Popular Demand (Popeye's) (Ft. Cam'Ron) is their most recent, and like the others, it brings another big guest appearance, further heightening expectations for this already highly-anticipated release.

Complete with a skipping drum intro (but without Chris Martin), this one is extremely reminiscent of Kanye West's "Homecoming". It bounces along to a looping piano sample, as Pusha T, Malice, and Cam'Ron trade verses about exactly what the title suggests. Although this is one of my current faves, and obviously the track of the week, I have noticed one thing about the guys' new material; they have a knack for taking other people's one-liners and basing entire songs around them (i.e. "Kinda Like A Big Deal" and "I'm Good"). This isn't to say the results to this approach haven't been good. What we've heard so far has been impressive, and I wouldn't chalk the whole album up to it, but it is something worth noting. Check it out below.

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