John's Track of the Week: "To The Bells"

Song: To The Bells
Artist: The Swimmers
Album: People Are Soft
Year: 2009

As I've mentioned here before, every once in awhile, an album hits me with a startling amount of familiarity. This time around, that album was The Swimmers' People Are Soft. Upbeat and optimistic, it literally glows, excelling in the small, simple nuances of reserved indie pop. Along the way, it also alludes to a boatload of influences, many of which are, indeed, a positive reinforcement to the collection's energetic aesthetic.

As People Are Soft hits the home stretch, we are presented with "To The Bells." Juxtaposing the best aspects of The Shins and Wolf Parade, the track is downright sprightly. The chorus specifically-- a bright vocal arrangement, set against a darker background-- astounds and grabs you as only the best hooks can. And maybe that's what makes the song, and album so good. The aforementioned familiarity is in its expert hooks and choruses, that are quickly ingrained into your head. It's not mindless pop, but rather, an intelligent and subdued alternative. For those who haven't given it a listen yet, I'd highly recommend it.

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