Matt's Track of the Week: "Call An Ambulance"

Song: Call An Ambulance
Artist: Albert Hammond, Jr.
Album: Yours To Keep
Year: 2007

When Albert Hammond, Jr. set out on his own from The Strokes to prove himself as a solo artist, he wanted to make a statement, and that he did. Yours To Keep was an artistic departure from the sound we had come to know from Hammond, that featured softer guitar sounds, poppy bells, and catchier melodies. Still, it was clear that he was the man behind The Strokes' signature sound. He was just doing things his way.

"Call An Ambulance" is a semi-comical account of getting cozy with someone else's girlfriend at a party when her significant other came down with a cold, and the drama that followed. In this case, Hammond makes a move on her with nothing but a few thrills in mind, but after the fact, he gets attached. Once her boyfriend recovers, he doesn't want to lose her, but he doesn't know what will happen. This laid back, bouncer is one of the album's highlights, and is a pretty good representation of the rest of the song set, if you have yet to hear it. Check it out below.

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