Music Video Monday: "Die Slow"

Track: Die Slow
Artist: HEALTH
Album: Get Color
Year: 2009

I'll preface this post with the following disclaimer: Those who have epilepsy should NOT view the video below. There's nothing offensive towards the condition in the video, but it's a lot of strobe lights and flashing images and things that could possibly trigger a seizure.

For those who haven't seen yet, HEALTH's new video for single "Die Slow" is a twisted rave, full of hipster mosh pits, odd images and finally, at the end, a (slightly) gruesome death for all of the participants. It's not so much fascinating as it is intriguing, and maybe disturbing. From the onset, the strange girls with box haircuts seem a bit unnerving, yet are completely harmless until one of them "kills" one of the other ones. This triggers a series of events amongst our hip moshers, that first involves them seemingly enjoying death, then suddenly, abruptly, they're out of the picture. Strange, indeed.

If you've failed to pick up a copy of HEALTH's Get Color, which came out last Tuesday, I'd highly recommend doing so ASAP. The album is electro-pop insanity, sure to please fans of Crystal Castles, or anyone who enjoys something a bit edgier out of their electronic jams.

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