Matt's Track of the Week: "Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf Version)""

Song: Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf Version)
Artist: Pixies
Album: Complete "B" Sides
Year: 2001

The Pixies are an interesting bunch. In their day, they were a strange mix of noise and surf rock, with outbursts of lyrical schizophrenia thrown in for good measure. They were catchy enough to get you singing along, but loud and violent enough not to end up on mainstream radio. It was a classic combination that went on to inspire countless alternative acts to follow, including Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, and many others.

"Wave of Mutilation" is one of their more recognizable tunes, and one of my personal favorites, however, this version of the song isn't as widely known. I came across it this afternoon, and thought it would be good to share. While the original which appeared on 1989's Doolittle steadily thrashes along, this one takes a more relaxed approach. The slight change in instrumentation includes an added dash of reverb and looser drumming, giving the song a more introspective feel, and almost doing more justice to its subject matter. A pretty cool b-side. Check it out below.

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