John's Track of the Week: "Beggar's Bowl"

Song: Beggar's Bowl
Artist: Polvo
Album: In Prism
Year: 2009

Twelve years can be a really long lay-off for a band. Good thing Polvo seems completely unaffected. The noise/math rock giants from Chapel Hill, NC finally released their follow-up to 1997's Shapes this year, with In Prism. All corners of the web have been ecstatic ever since this track, "Beggar's Bowl" was presented to us back in June, and after the album's release yesterday, many declared it the band's best effort of its career. I'd have to agree there. Unlike the band's other works, In Prism hits harder and possesses an impressive edge. Not that the older material did not have an edge, but this album specifically focuses on it, which is why I was drawn to it.

"Beggar's Bowl" was the perfect introduction for new fans to the band, and a great re-introduction for their long-awaiting faithful as well. Combining their most technical aspects with their charmingly dated 1990s attitude, the track presents everything the album is about, all within its walls. It's a youthful outlook, a happy return and the re-establishment of one of the 90s' best, but usually most overlooked, offerings. If you haven't heard yet, you need to at least get yourself this song, if not purchase the entire album, which came out yesterday. You can also stream In Prism in full for the rest of the week over at Spinner, as we mentioned earlier in the week.

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