Music Video Monday: "Beating Heart Baby"

Track: Beating Heart Baby
Artist: Head Automatica
Album: Decadence
Year: 2004

Searching for a video for Glassjaw's "Pink Roses" this morning, I came across two things: First, the fact that for some reason there is no video for the song, and second, the video for "Beating Heart Baby," which I had forgotten all about. For those who don't know, Daryl Palumbo is the frontman for both Glassjaw and Head Automatica, hence why the second video came to mind.

Back in 2004, this song was the larger public's first real exposure to the Long Island band. Many knew of Glassjaw, but besides the local crowd, no one had really seen Palumbo's pop capabilities. It was near the dawning of the current power pop scene-- way before squeaky-clean acts were manufacturing hits. Head Automatica had an edge to them, which was, and still is, hard to come by in pop. Their combination of catchy riffs, spiraling 80s glam rock and Palumbo's snarling vocals was an instant attraction. Of all their work on their two albums to-date, I'm still convinced that this is their best, and most representative work. The video also goes a long way in that demonstration, so check it out.

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