John's Track of the Week: "This Modern Love"

Song: This Modern Love
Artist: Bloc Party
Album: Silent Alarm
Year: 2005

Reading Pitchfork's "Top 200 Albums of the 00s" article the other day, I noticed the inclusion of Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. Looking back at that album, many wonder what has happened since. Silent Alarm, for all intents and purposes, was phenomenal. Mixing highs and lows, within the context of their edgy, up-tempo indie pop, the band seemed destined for greatness. I mean, how could they not succeed after putting out such a sterling debut? The possibilities seemed endless.

And then, things kind of fell off. Two subpar-to-moderate albums later, they're finding it hard to stay relevant on a scene that's all but forgotten them by this point. The edge is gone, as is the catchiness, and it's a shame. Still, I can look back and appreciate the gem that was Silent Alarm, especially "This Modern Love." By the album's standards, it was fairly tame, yet it holds within itself a startling social commentary about relationships that may get lost amongst the airy guitar part in the background. Still, for those who take notice, it can function as a haunting reminder for the ills of our current societal constructs, as well as just being a great song to relax to. Check it out below.

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