Michael McDonald Subs for Daniel Rossen on "While You Wait For The Others"

Yes, THAT Michael McDonald. Am I the only one who finds the prospect of this absolutely horrifying? Pitchfork surely doesn't think so. They gave the track an eight out of ten. Admittedly, it's not terrible, but is it necessary? Has Grizzly Bear, purveyors of everything hip in 2009, erred here? Well, no. Somehow, people find this so wrong it's right, and that's why many will listen to "While You Wait For The Others" (Feat. Michael McDonald) 'till the cows come home. If you're one of them, or just want to see what all the fuss is about, head over to HypeM to stream.


sanju said...

dude you're thinking about this too much. throw away your preconceptions and decide for yourself whether or not you LIKE the way he sings on the track. if you don't, that's fine, but it's not because he's michael mcdonald of doobie brothers fame, it's because his performance didn't click for you. i personally think the shit is really good. people forget sometimes that music is listened to, with you know, ears, if you catch my drift. peace

John said...

Fair criticism, but you may note that it is referred to as "musically sound" as well. It's not called out as a terrible performance, merely regarded as a questionable decision by Grizzly Bear.