New Nick Thorburn, "Used to Be Funny"

You'd think that a guy like Nick Thorburn, aka "Nick Diamonds" wouldn't need a solo album.  I mean, he's in/been in five bands (The Unicorns, Islands, Th' Corn Gangg, Reefer, Human Highway).  But, apparently, he's in need of another outlet, one with a much more mellow sound, so I'd assume that this solo project is it.  Below is a link to a an early mix of "Used to Be Funny" off of I Am An Attic, which Thorburn plans on releasing for free later on this year.  I'm a fan of the track, as it really is something that wouldn't fit into the aforementioned bands' repertoires.  So, check the deal, and listen/download, courtesy of Stereogum.

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