The Coast's Expatriate

While perusing some music this evening, I ran across The Coast's 2008 effort, Expatriate.  Part of me wants to issue the guys a formal apology for not including them in my Best of 2008 list, but alas, maybe this short write-up will suffice.

Expatriate, released on April 1st, via Aporia Records, is an energetic and bright record, shedding light on the positive effects of using electronic effects (modestly) can be, while sort of differentiating themselves among the recent glut of Canadian indie/alternative bands coming onto the scene in the past 18-24 months.  What intrigues me about this record is that the band doesn't seem to try too hard.  It knows its sound and doesn't try to push itself beyond its limits- keeping everything confined to an intelligent, upbeat buzz.  I'm still having trouble pinpointing who they resemble most at the moment, but at times, old Jimmy Eat World, Ra Ra Riot and Tokyo Police Club come to mind.

If I were you, I'd try and find this album, if you can.  At the moment they're a very well kept secret of sorts, but who knows how long that'll last.  Check out their Last.FM page if you have time, and you can stream the entire album there.

Best Track: "Killing Off Our Friends" (track currently unavailable)

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