New Lil' Wayne, "Prom Queen"

In some very interesting news this morning, Stereogum tells us that Lil' Wayne will be putting out a "rock record" called Rebirth.  The first single from this album, apparently, is "Prom Queen," which you can find either here at Stereogum, or at Lil' Wayne's MySpace as of tomorrow (1/27).  I've heard the song, and I have to say, I'm intrigued, and maybe even a bit baffled.  It seems to start out with one of those crappy, generic radio rock intros that I make a living out of hating on, but then Weezy hops in with the auto-tune.  For me, the verdict's still out on this one, as I'm going to need to hear the song a couple more times, and would like to hear the record as a whole before passing judgement.  Rebirth will be out via Cash Money/Universal/Young Money on April 9th.  Start the countdown and get excited.

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