John's Track of the Week: "No One Does It Like You"

Track: "No One Does It Like You"
Artist: Department of Eagles
Album: In Ear Park
Year: 2008

In starting this new segment, running parallel with Matt's similar feature, I wanted to just talk about a track which I've been particularly enjoying throughout the week.  It can be old or new, but the point is just to talk about it quickly.  In the future, I'll try to avoid talking about songs from artists/albums I've already discussed, but for this post, I'll make a small exception.

"No One Does It Like You" possesses that retro, almost distant feel that I enjoyed so much from various artists in 2008, Department of Eagles being one of them.  It's got a moving, interesting beat grabs you in, and almost presents a happier tone than the subject matter of the song- the consequences of cheating on, or leaving someone, it would seem.  If you didn't hear it last year, it's worth a listen now.

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