Matt's Track of the Week: "Sunday Under Glass"

Title: "Sunday Under Glass"
Artist: Beulah
Album: When Your Heartstrings Break
Year: 1999

Something I have always found interesting about Beulah's 1999 release, When Your Heartstrings Break, is that every song is almost like its own little universe of sounds.  The record, as a whole, utilizes several dozen different horns, string instruments, synths, and other, more exotic music-making mediums.  Every track showcases a different combination of these, to create a dynamic, miniature, finished work of art.

One track that does an especially good job of demonstrating this, and one that I have been listening to frequently as of late is "Sunday Under Glass".  The first half of the song is driven primarily by soaring trumpets and upbeat, fuzzed-out guitars.  Then, at approximately 1 minute and 51 seconds, the guitars get clean, the drums get bouncy, and a dreamy synth comes in to create an almost somber mood.  These instruments are then joined by strings and a flute that carry the song to the outro, and once again, change the scene.

What I find most fascinating about this song, is how it begins and ends at two completely different sides of the spectrum, and how it truly brings the listener along for the ride.  Check it out below.

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