New Cursive, "I Couldn't Love You" & "From the Hips"

Well, this is a pleasant late night surprise.  Cursive, as many know by this point, will be coming out with a new album next month.  Besides that, we really haven't heard much as far music goes.  Until now, that is.  Of all places, Entertainment Weekly is streaming a track, "I Couldn't Love You," off of the record, Mama, I'm Totally Swollen!  The beginning sort of reminds me of Brand New in a weird sort of way, and other parts seem to resemble Bear vs. Shark and The Decemberists, but maybe it's just me.  Whatever you hear within this track, it seems like a pretty good sign of what's to come.  Check it out here.  Mama, I'm Totally Swollen! is out March 10th via Saddle Creek.

Update: Absolute Punk is streaming another track, "From the Hips".  Though I received this updated information from Stereogum, the first part was posted here first.  I know, you're just as proud as I am. Check out "From the Hips" here.

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