Lil' Wayne on ESPN's Around the Horn

My first question: How did I miss this?!?!  I'm a big fan of Around the Horn, so my lack of seeing this sort of baffles the mind.  For those who are unaware. Around the Horn is one of two roundtable discussion type shows on ESPN that air weekdays (the other being Pardon the Interruption).  Lil' Wayne's successful foray into sports bloggerdom has done wonders for the network, and Lil' Wayne, so cross-promotion has sort of become a regular thing.  After a successful stint on First & 10, this just seemed like the next logical step, and I for one, am impressed by how well he fared (even though the cards were stacked in his favor by host, and one of my favorite ESPN personalities, Tony Reali).  The next move after this would be giving him one of the host seats for a night on PTI.  Until then though, I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue.  Still, apologies again for a post that's a bit off-topic.  Here's the link to Weezy's blog archive, which ESPN finally decided to take care of.

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