Matt's Track of the Week: "Motor (Distort Edit)"

Song: Motor (Distort Edit)
Artist: SebastiAn
Album: Motor EP
Year: 2008

I've been listening to a lot of French electronic and house music lately, and one artist who I've really been feeling is SebastiAn.  Aside from his massive catalog of remixes (which has recently been released in part as A Fine Selection of Remixes, from Ed Banger Records), he has done some extremely unique original work.  His most recent original release, Motor EP, is full of arrangements that cut right to the core of you, hit you in the chest, and make you want to move.  It also includes some of the most interesting sounds that I have heard on an electronic record in a while.

"Motor (Distort Edit)" is an alternate version of the title track, which sounds as if it may actually have been created using recordings of real engine noises.  The great thing about this version, is that it takes the already intriguing concept of using a motor as an instrument, and obscures the recording in a way that creates a completely new sound.  While it's still fairly clear that it is a motor, it's much more musical, and it uses the sound itself as a base from which to build upon, overall creating a more complex song.  It comes off a bit more rough around the edges than the original, but I feel it gives the track a bigger punch.  Check it out.

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