John's Track of the Week: "Lord Leopard"

Song: Lord Leopard
Artist: Caribou
Album: The Milk of Human Kindness
Year: 2005

For this week's Track of the Week, I bring you "Lord Leopard," from Caribou.  For those who may not be aware of the Canadian-based electronic act, it's simply the solo experimental work of Dan Snaith.  The man has a Ph.D in mathematics, yet with his spare time, has used experimental drugs with his friends and made music largely based in electronica, psychadelia and krautrock.  Caribou's albums and songs differ from one to another, with each relying exclusively on one influence, before bouncing over to another, though still keeping the continuity of the band.  This track, in particular, is based heavily on the electronic aspects, sounding like experimental hip-hop more than any sub-genre of rock.  

Anyone interested in instrumental- and drum-based music will be sure to enjoy this track.  As I said, the songs and albums are extremely varied, and difficult to pinpoint.  However, if I had to compare this specific song to anything, perhaps apt likenesses could be made to Cornershop, Ratatat and Panda Bear.

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