Sorry For the Long Delay

Hey to everyone reading.  We're still here, just a lot going on in our lives as of late, so we'll leave it at that to explain the lack of posts.  Not to worry though, we (Heath and I) are returning by the end of this week with some exclusive reviews in our ongoing "Pre-Screening" segment.  Heath will be telling you all about Skeletal Lamping by of Montreal, and I'll be diving into Censored Colors by Portugal. The Man.  I know, all very exciting stuff.  

The "Pre-Screening" feature will probably be continuing on a once a week basis, along with my "Buzz" and Heath's "Track of the Week".  The special project noted at the beginning of the month should also be starting up in the next week or so.  Heath and I plan on talking about our favorite 25 albums, respectively, going from the bottom of the list, up to the top.  Stay tuned, as it's a 50-day project.  Also, a little further down the road, we'll be dedicating all of October 10th to the one year anniversary of the release of In Rainbows by Radiohead.  If you're not a fan, sorry to hear, but that's still all that's going to be happening here on that date.

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