No, we haven't forgotten the website. As is the case with many small business ventures though, things happen that are not necessarily in the plan, and it's up to us to work with those happenings to find success anyway.

We're undergoing a format change- to be completed by the end of the month. To any that were following the old schedule, it's no longer valid, but still feel free to check up on us during the week, because people will still be posting. Right now, we're thinking up some ways to change the blog, to make it more suitable to a larger audience. I've already got one project in mind that I think people will enjoy, but I'd also like some feedback, if possible.

What do you like/not like about this space? It can be anything no matter how large or small. I'll take it into consideration while re-evaluating what we do here and how we do it, in the coming weeks.

Thanks, and keep reading!

-John, Editor in Chief

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