Matt's Track of the Week: Twins' "Drive By Digital Ghost"

Song: Drive By Digital Ghost
Artist: Twins
Album: The Other Side Of
Rating: 7.0

Although he's been getting a little buzz here and there, Twins (Matt Weiner of Brooklyn) seems like a remarkably small and relatively unknown artist. His Myspace has 2,520 hits at press time, the most listened to track on his page has 307 plays, and his last comment was on January 5th, wishing him a happy new year. So why exactly is a new Twins song something that should even be on the radar of this blog and similar publications? I couldn't tell you. But after listening to it, you'll probably be glad that someone out there is on top of their new artist news.

"Drive By Digital Ghost" is an eerie throwback to the analog 80s. Mixed between intermittent guitar strokes, whining synths and distorted create a chilling atmosphere that sounds like being trapped inside the darkest, most warped corners of your imagination. His distinctive sound here is both unique and familiar, but at all times estranged and lonely, painting a spacious, hopeless portrait of a doomed endeavor. A sonic landscape this expressive is something you don't here all too often. You can listen to and download this track (via Pitchfork). Check it out below.

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