What Else Should I Be? All Apologies.

Sooo...it's been awhile.  And by awhile, I mean two months.  First off, I'd like to apologize for the inactivity to anyone who's been checking this.  We've been having some difficulties on this end, and because of those, right now, it's only me writing.  Though I'm disappointed that the collaboration started during the summer was not able to continue as planned, I feel this can still be an interesting place to visit.

Starting in December, I'm going to be posting my personal picks for the Top 25 Albums of the 2008.  Yes, some albums that I have not been able to listen to will be left out, but chances are that if I haven't heard them, they weren't that good anyway.  I'm sure anyone who's read this recently can take a guess already at one album that will NOT be present (hint: rhymes with shmeletal shmamping).  Trust me though- the albums that mattered this year (as far as indie, alternative, and hip hop are concerned; and really what else matters?) will be on there.

Looking forward to seeing you around come December.  'Till then, just sit tight, and perhaps I can muster up some time to get something else to read up here.



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