New Wavves, "Mickey Mouse"

With all of the surgery business (and emotional breakdowns, etc.), you really wouldn't expect to see anything new from Wavves. Well, it ends up we (I-- sorry, I have a habit of speaking in the fourth person) were wrong in that regard. Last night, Nate posted "Mickey Mouse," as a sort of time-filler until he returns from getting screws in his wrist, to his blog, Ghost Ramp. He writes: "This was a demo that I never ended up coming back to and probably wont [sic] end up up doing anything with but jam on it n-e-wayz." First off, I'm a huge fan. This is a great song, and I wish he would do something with it. Also, he'd probably have an easier time of getting something done with it if it weren't called "Mickey Mouse." Just saying he might have some legal issues. Still, enjoy it below, courtesy of the artist, and Gorilla vs. Bear.

Wavves- "Mickey Mouse"

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