New Washed Out, Tracks, "You'll See It" and "Feel It All Around"

Happened upon these two tracks a few days late, but figured they'd definitely be worth sharing for everyone, since it seems that all we've done is talk about new songs today (in contrast to yesterday, which was all about videos). Yes, I'm well aware that they've been everywhere else already. It's just too good to ignore. Washed Out, as much intrepidness as the name may (does) lack, is in fact, a very adventurous artist. Or rather, it just know how to stand out. "Feel It All Around" screams Grizzly Bear, but might even be up to par with some of the best moments of Veckatimest. It's gleeful chamber pop that hooked on the first listen. "You'll See It" is a different animal altogether though. It's loud, busy and maybe even has a dance element to it. It resembles a more techno-oriented version of Animal Collective. Unsurprisingly, I can easily support this idea. Chances are you'll be able to to. If Washed Out actually put together a full album before year's end, we may be looking at a real Top 10 contender for best of the year. Tracks are courtesy of Hipster Runoff, which borrowed from GorillavsBear, just like everyone else did.

"You'll See It"- Washed Out

"Feel It All Around"- Washed Out

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